Sunday, June 19, 2011

A change in directon

Ok, I give up.

We cancelled the box a couple of months ago. Too much stuff was ending up in the compost bin and it was too unpredictable as to whether we'd be eating at home on any given evening; it was time to take break. That's not to say we'll not restart it sometime.

Also the local shopping landscape has changed in our neighbourhood; there's a weekly farmers market two blocks from my house and a Whole Foods opened in the neighbourhood which has in turn encouraged the local independent market to up their game by doubling in size and adding a butcher, deli and fish counter.

And our eating patterns are changing. We're both pretty tired of take out so we're actually eating out slightly more but also cooking at home more, but shopping in the neighbourhood for what we cook. It's very easy for me to stop at the store on the way home for ingredients so we can have fresh stuff every day rather then using the dregs of a biweekly box. Also we're unabashed meat eaters and the box didn't really help with that whereas I now have two decent butchers within walking distance.

So the direction of this blog will be changing. I do want to post more home cooked meals. There's going to be more meat, and we're already working through some experimentation with all the different cuts that are available. Something else I'm going to address is food cost; it's all very well for white middle class San Franciscans like me to blog about our organic dinners but but I thought it would be interesting to talk about how I actually shop and what we actually spend on food.

Stay tuned!

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